Prime Fighting is setting itself up to become one the biggest professional promotions in the Northwest. After receiving the Comcast Sports Network contract, they have really set the bar high. Upon entering the building,  it almost had a UFC Fight Night Feel to it.  Almost every fan in the building had their favorite fighter they were rooting for.

The first fight began with Andrew Perri and Lanson Wood swinging hard from the sound of the bell.  The fight quickly went to the ground.  Lanson Wood ended the fight with a triangle choke on Andrew Perri in a quick 1:27 1st round finish.

Johnny James Vs Dennis McCarthy was a slugfest for almost 3 entire rounds.  Johnny’s leg kicks definitely took a toll on Dennis’ legs throughout the fight.  At a couple points, Dennis was having a hard time putting any weight on his leg without almost falling over.  Dennis had to take a breather for a quick second after getting kicked in the groin.  In the 3rd round Johnny was able to get the takedown.  With hard ground and pound, Johnny was able to the TKO with one second left in the fight.


The 3rd fight was with Stevie Southern and Kevin Boehm.  Stevie’s jabs drew first blood on Kevin in the 1st round.  Kevin definitely had his fans with him this night.  But they weren’t enough to help him get his victory.  He got out of an Armbar Attempt in the 2nd round, but ultimately lost the decision in the end.

The next fight included Donnie Johnson Vs Chris San Jose.  After a 5 year hiatus, Chris made his return back into the cage.  But no ring rust was seen tonight.   The 1st round was action packed.  Chris’ precision in his strikes was very effective on Donnie.  Chris wobbled Donnie a couple times, but Donnie almost secured the win with a couple of submission attempts on Chris.  The judges ended up giving a split decision victory to Chris.

Halfway through the card was Raz Bring Vs Tristan Lindi.  Raz found himself on his back almost the entire fight.  They got stood up in the 1st round, but Tristan kept finding a way to get Raz back down.   In the 3rd round Tristan’s ground and pound was just too much for Raz.  Tristan got the TKO in his pro debut in the last seconds on the 3rd round.


Big men Clayton York and Hank Turner turned it on quickly in the 1st round.  Hank Turner was able to take down Clayton York quickly within the 1st round.  But Clayton was able to get Hanks arm and pulled out a nice armbar to win his pro debut.


Hazma Salim Vs Adam Fugitt was the bloodiest fight of the night.  In the 1st round Adam was able get 2 takedowns and had some big punches.  In the 2nd round Adam was able to get Hazma down again.  Adam threw a lot of devistating elbows against Hazma, cutting him wide open.  At one point, Adam threw an illegal knee to the head of Hazma. A warning was issued.  In the 3rd round, Hazma hit Adam with a devistating knee.  But it wasn’t enough to finish Adam.  Adam Fugitt ended up getting a 30-27 decision over Hazma.


In the Co-Main event, Sol Renato took on Austin Vanderford.  Austin made quick work of Sol, bringing him to the ground.  In 2:43 of the 1st round, Austin’s ground and pound was too much for Sol.

The Main Event was a Title fight between local favorite Jake Smith and Joe Pierotti.  Jake fought with everything he had on this night.  But Jake couldn’t stop Joe’s take downs no matter what he tried.  In the 2nd round, Jake took  a big hit and eventually ended up on his back again.  A little over halfway throught the 3rd round, Joe was able to get a very deep Rear Nake Choke on Jake.  Joe Pierotti is Prime Fighting’s new Welter weight Champion!