If you missed Prime Fightings last event, your in luck! Prime Fighting 9 will broadcast 3 fights from their maincard on Comcast SPORTSNET March 19 and once again on the 23rd.  The fights will include Joey Pierotti Vs Jake Smith, Austin Vanderford Vs Sol Renato, and Clayton York Vs Hank Turner.

Broadcast Dates will be March 19 at 12am and then again March 23 at 8pm.

* Spoiler Alert Below *

The Main Event was a Title fight between local favorite Jake Smith and Joe Pierotti. Jake fought with everything he had on this night. But Jake couldn’t stop Joe’s take downs no matter what he tried. In the 2nd round, Jake took a big hit and eventually ended up on his back again. A little over halfway throught the 3rd round, Joe was able to get a very deep Rear Nake Choke on Jake. Joe Pierotti is Prime Fighting’s new Welter weight Champion!

In the Co-Main event, Sol Renato took on Austin Vanderford. Austin made quick work of Sol, bringing him to the ground. In 2:43 of the 1st round, Austin’s ground and pound was too much for Sol.

Big men Clayton York and Hank Turner turned it on quickly in the 1st round. Hank Turner was able to take down Clayton York quickly within the 1st round. But Clayton was able to get Hanks arm and pulled out a nice armbar to win his pro debut.

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