Watch the weigh-ins LIVE at 7pm, Friday, May 12.  We’ll be live at Bridge City Fight Shop in Tualatin, OR tomorrow.  Come join us! Meet and support the fighters ahead of tomorrow’s Fights!



Current fight card:

Rico Martinez vs. Jared Matthews (for FCFF heavyweight title)

Scott Baker vs. Jeramy Buford (welterweight super fight)

Keaneo Moyer vs. Cody Westphal (flyweight)

Brian Heenan vs. Agustin Ortiz (featherweight)

Silas Yeak vs. Tony Savage (lightweight)

Zach Martin vs. Chris Organiz (bantamweight)

Jantz Bullock vs. Nicky Porter (welterweight)

Josh Scott vs. Daniel Pesavento (welterweight)