About 3 months ago there was a 15 year old that fought in a MMA match. That fight started a small debate at what age should a person be allowed to fight. Then shortly after, this fight got brought to everyone’s attention. A 24 year old adult fighter was to take on a 12 year old girl.  12 year old Momo Shimizu was to take on 24 year old Momo Yamazaki at Deep Jewels 16. The fight was under amateur rules which included wearing head gear and no hitting of a grounded opponent. 

 Twitter had erupted on how they could let an adult fight a child only half her age. Some people were ok with the fight as long as they had protective gear. Others were completely against such a match up. But maybe the match makers knew more about these two fighters than most.  MoMo took a few hits but quickly found her opponents back. It didn’t take long for MoMo Shimizu to secure a rear naked choke. You can watch below how fast she was asked to subdue her opponent. 2nd video is a clearer version of the first.