Local fighter Jake Smith is stepping into the cage this Saturday to fight Scotty Hao. The event takes place in Lincoln City, OR at King of the Cage : Headstrong. But last Sunday night, someone had broke into fighter Jake Smith’s car.  All of his fight gear was stolen out of his car, leaving him with nothing to use for his upcoming fight. But today came some better news!  Vivid Fightwear, A local company from Tenino, WA, decided to help out. 

Jake Smith had this to say on his Instagram Acct:

  ” HUGE THANK YOU to @Vividfightwear ! For those that don’t know I had my fight gear stolen yesterday which had my mouth piece with the bag, @vividfightwear came through last minute to provide me with a brand new mouth piece and a walk out shirt for my fight this weekend. Such a huge stress relief for me, I am forever thankful. Please do me a favor and support local brands like this, especially these guys. Being a professional fighter is not easy but when good hearted people like this step up and help make sure you get the oppertunity to achieve your goals, makes a world of a difference. I can’t say thank you enough.”   You can find Vivid Fightwear clothing HERE and they also appear at some local events. 

  You can catch Jake’s fight this Saturday at Chinook Winds Casino. Or you can watch it on MavTV. The action starts at 6pm!  

Jake ended the post with this statement:. 

“Also thank you to Alasdair Mackenzie for helping set this up. I’m so fortunate.”   

For those who don’t know Alasdair Mackenzie, he’s the co-owner of Prime Fighting. Which is a local Pro and Amateur fighting promotion based out of Clark County, Washington.