What an exciting night of events for fight fans watching Bellator 180 last night in New York City! Bellator has definitely stepped up their game with last night’s event. The event took place at Madison Square Garden. They even got to use the exact same scale Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier used back in 1971. The entire main card was packed full of edge of your seat entertainment. Two of the main card fighters who came out victorious have roots here in the Pacific Northwest. Brent Primus and Chael Sonnen certainly stole the show last night with their performances over Michael Chandler and Wanderlei Silva. 

Eugene native Brent Primus led the charge with a victorious brawl over “Iron” Michael Chandler to become Bellator’s new 155 lb Champion. Not too many people believed or even knew of Primus before this fight. Numerous websites posted odds of +530 to +640 for Primus as the underdog against the then current champ, Michael Chandler.  After a kick thrown by Primus, Chandler moved only to have his ankle give under him.  Chandler’s ankle refused to hold any weight, causing him to fall to the ground multiple times.  Primus quickly attacked the ankle and leg with multiple kicks.  It only took half a round to have the referee Todd Anderson to call a stop to the contest after calling in the doctors.  You can see it here (warning: graphic):

 After his big win Primus had this to say:

” I wish Chandler a fast recovery and hope he’s ok. I’ve looked up to Michael Chandler and respect him more than I can put into words. I know we’re going to throw down again and I can’t wait. Fighting him and fighting at Madison square garden was a dream come true. Chandler is a champion in the cage and out of the cage. It’s been a crazy camp full of injuries and set backs but that’s how this fight game goes. Thank you god for this life and everything you’ve given me, thank you to my family and friends for all the support and my beautiful pregnant wife. I can’t wait to have our baby and be a dad and have our own little family. I’m going to heal up my injuries and be back to defend the Bellator lightweight title. ”

Bellator’s main event showcased West Linn’s Chael “The American Gangster” Sonnen versus Wanderlei “The Ax Murderer” Silva. As always, with any fight Chael Sonnen is on, hype and drama ensued.  There’s been major drama between these two ever since Wanderlei attacked Chael on the set of the show of The Ultimate Fighter: Brasil.  Chael looked in great shape showing up to Saturdays event. After the cage door locked they played both of Brazil’s and the USA’s national anthems to show support to both countries. As soon as the bell rang, you could tell Chael wanted to finish this fight. He rushed up and gave Wanderlei no room to breath keeping the pressure on him the entire round. There was a moment Wanderlei caught Chael with a punch right to the chin. Chael fell to the ground for a heart stopping minute as Wanderlei charged forward.  Chael eventually got back to his feet and continued his take down and ground n pound upon Wanderlei.  Chael ended up winning a dominating unanimous decision at the end of the three round fight.