Tonight’s Rumble 93 Press Conference had plenty of action and drama to go along with a amazing fight card. 5 fighters were in attendance tonight.  Keaneo Moyer, Johnny James, Saul Gallegos-Ruiz, along with main card fighters Dylan Atkinson and Cris Williams.  As in classic Cris style, he wanted to steal the show.  Right off the bat Cris Williams stole the mic with an announcement to make about a Gracie children’s self defense gym opening up soon.  Head snaps and head gear host Gunner Gillett was throwing out excellent questions all night as usual. Gunner made sure no fighter was left out of the conversation.  David Golden from Oregon Sports News also made an appearance tonight as well.  

   Everything was going pretty normal with most fighters answering the questions and Cris trying to outshine everyone else. That is until Keaneo got the mic. The fireworks really started to fly at that point. That’s when keaneo stepped up and held his own against Cris Williams.  Usually Cris easily has the last word, but Keaneo kept up word for word. 

“You’re a Bum. You’re like Floyd [Mayweather] when he first started.  You just get hand picked fights. You get hand picked fights. Do you know? I don’t think you do!”

   If this is an indicator how Saturday nights card is going to go, this will be a night that will make you want to come back for more! The card is currently at a full nights worth of entertainment at 19 fights! If you missed tonight’s event, there’s still more! On Friday you can view the weigh-ins at Bridge City Fight Shop in Tualatin, OR. Weigh-ins will start at 7 pm. This event is open to the public and is free of charge. Then Saturday, you can catch all the action as it goes down at the Roseland Theater. You can pick up tickets at Bridge City Fight Shop any time or you can pick them up at Cascade Tickets.  

FULL Press Conference video

The fight card currently sits as is: