It’s July 22, so that means it’s fight day!  And the FCFF is once again bringing us another Rumble, at the Roseland Theater.  Tonight’s Rumble 93 is one of the biggest events of the year so far!! The promotion is showcasing 17 Fights. Which includes 2 super fights with fighters Johnny James Vs Saul Gallegos-Ruiz and Dylan Grell Vs Gunnar Metzger. It all also includes a title fight between fighters Dominick Abalos and Isiaah Garza. Tonight’s main event is a Pro Bout between former FCFF fighters Dylan Atkinson 146.0 Vs Cris Williams. 

Everyone was excited to get on the scale to see if they had cut enough weight.  The event took place at Bridge City Fight Shop, which is located in Tualatin, Oregon. The shop was packed with spectators, coaches and fighters. There were 35 fighters that showed up to weigh in leading up to tonight’s fight. Last night’s weigh-ins came in close for a couple fighters. But with a couple catch weights between fighters, everything is now a go! One fight did get scratched last night. Keaneo Moyer Vs Aaron Rodriguez will not go on as scheduled. To lose only one fight on such a large card is pretty amazing. You can expect a long, exciting night of events starting at 7 pm tonight!  

  The full weigh-in results are as follows:


Austin Brittle 132.5 Vs Austin Spezia-Shwiff 133.6

CaySea McBride 134.1 Vs Surya Shanmugam 135.7

Ken Smith 137.0 Vs Jorge Lopez 136.6

Nathan Smith 220.3 Vs Fernando Alvarado 223.0

Ross Johnsrud 159.2 Vs Vance Barnett 155.8

Nicky Porter 164.2 Vs Jay Jarmoluk 165.3

Lucas Chesher 170.2 Vs Jantz Bullock 169.0

Micah Mitchell 147.9 Vs Jame Rosenweig Jr 154.3

Braydon Akeo 147.4 Vs Richard Meadows 145.9

Mario Shonkwiler 170.4 Vs Scott Baker 170.1

Brendon Dugan 119.8 Vs Alex Castaneda 123.8

Eduardo Torres 155.3 Vs Ivo Wallace 155.5

Matt Miranda 157.4 Vs Angel Espino 158.0

Johnny James 172.3 Vs Saul Gallegos-Ruiz 173.8

Dylan Grell 145.0 Vs Gunnar Metzger 146.3

Dominick Abalos 125.2 Vs Isiaah Garza 124.9

Dylan Atkinson 146.0 Vs Cris Williams 146.0