Sunday’s press conference marked the 3rd event in a row with preceding press conferences leading up to the FCFF’s Fighting event. The event had 7 fighters attending the first conference leading up to Rumble 95. Which will be located at the Roseland Theater in Portland, Or. Sunday’s pre fight conference went really smooth. Actually, Sunday’s press conference was a lot calmer than anticipated. Keaneo Moyer, who is usually more outgoing and boisterous, was a lot more quiet this time around.

After the event had concluded, I caught up with Keaneo Moyer and got to ask him about what really happened back stage after he won the title. Keaneo explained it was just a big misunderstanding and has no beef with the gym Gracie Barra. And actually, if given the chance he would like to join their gym. Only time will tell if team Gracie Barra is willing to look past what happened and accept Keaneo.

Leading up to keaneo’s last fight, a lot of words were said between him and fighter Dominick Abalos. Emotions ran high the entire camp leading up to Rumble 94’s event September 30. Keaneo ended up beating Dominick via TKO in the first round, and Keaneo claiming the Flyweight title. With emotions running high on both sides of the cage, there was a brief scuffle between people throughout the Roseland.

But Keaneo would rather stay away from all the drama and the back and forth leading up to his fight with Sean Kalinoski. Keaneo said he has nothing against his opponent and would like to keep it that way. With everything that went on leading up to his last fight, he said it took away from himself and his camp. He’s actually looking forward to a camp without all the drama so he can focus on himself and not worry about what his opponent is saying about him.

Both fighters were very civil with each other this last Saturday. Will it stay this way?? Keaneo hopes it does. The next press conference event is currently scheduled for Sunday, November 26th, at 5PM. We’ll have to wait and see if both fighters decide to stick with the same humility.