(photo credit Russell Smith)

It was a packed house at the Roseland Theater last night for the FCFF’s year ending Rumble 95. 15 fights made for a great card to round out 2017. The highly anticipated Flyweight title defense of Keaneo Moyer against a seasoned amateur Sean Kolinoski gave the FCFF a perfect ending to the event.

There was an eerie silence between these two before Saturday’s fight. Keaneo, who is usually more expressive, decided to take the quiet road during his camp. Concentrating more on his camp rather than be distracted by online antics. The decision looked to prove quite lucrative in last night’s match up.

Keaneo Moyer looked relaxed yet extremely confident as he stepped into the FCFF’s “slammer” cage. Not to take anything away from keaneo’s performance, but his entrance was nothing more than exciting and entertaining. Starting off with a flip to reversion the crowd. And then, A yet familiar look to Conor McGregor almost. Looking “Flowy” and blowing kisses to his opponent, Moyer’s taunting looked to be getting to his opponent.

As the match started, Keaneo looked to give his opponent a high five before they Battle, but Sean Kolinoski wanted no part of it. Looking for a first strike, Sean quickly went for a high kick. After a quick dance between the two fighters, keaneo went for the take down. Sean reversed it but soon found himself in trouble. With some quick thinking, Keaneo pulled off a quick Armbar. The entire match finished in a quick 25 seconds!

Chance Marsteiner became the FCFF’s new lightweight champion. Beating out DJ Nuttall in a split decision victory.

Jordan Kanewa became the women’s Featherweight Champion. Jordan got the 3rd round TKO win over Veronica Wilson.

Entire Card results:

Keaneo Moyer defeats Sean Kolinoski via Armbar – :25 of the 1st round

Chance Marsteiner defeats DJ Nuttall via split decision

Jordan Kenawa defeats Veronica Wilson via TKO – 1:22 of the 3rd round

Eduardo Torres defeats Nicky Porter via TKO – 1:25 of the 3rd round

Tim DeVore defeats Brendan Dugan via TKO sure to strikes – 2:41 of the 3rd round

Aubree Thompson defeats Irene White via TKO 2:04 1st round

Jordan Teraza Vs Josh Scott defeats Jordan Teraza via TKO – :48 of the 1st round

Khelsey Lyday defeats Silas Yeak via TKO – 3:00 of the 2nd round

Zack Cox defeats Edwin Mantilla via submission – 2:08 of the 1st round

Charles Gilpin defeats Riley Brockmier via TKO – :36 of the 1st round

Blake Lord Vs Taylor Hunter defeats Blake Lord via TKO – 1:28 of the 1st round

Peter Lysenko defeats Stephan Lough via TKO – 2:37 of the 1st round.

Nick Aydelotte Vs Ian Palmer defeats Nick Aydelotte via TKO – :46 of the 2nd round

Thiago Ricci defeats Alexander Youngbauer via TKO – 2:38 of the 1st round