Tonight marked a big step for Portland boxing. Steve Forbes and Christia Lunzman held their first ever Official weigh-in for 2Pound Sports. Tonight’s Weigh-ins took place at Knockout Taco in Portland, Or.

The atmosphere was filled with excitement! Promoters, coaches, fighters, media, and fans all showed up to witness history being made.

Tonight’s Pro Weigh-ins took place at 7pm. Amateur weigh-ins will take place tomorrow, day of the event.

Main Event fighters Marquice Weston and Armando Arcona weigh in:

Main Event

Marquice Weston   199.7 lbs VS   Armondo Ancona  201.3

James Ballard 169.4 VS   Britton Norwood 170.0

Oscar Hernandez 155.0 VS   Marco Russell 155.4

150 lbs Shawn Harwood 150.5 VS   Oscar Herrera 148.2

147 lbs Jesse Barich TBA VS   Nicholas Jefferson TBA

Quick interview with Promoters Steve Forbes and Christina Lunzman