(photo credit to Russell Smith)

Less than 24 hours before Sunday’s Press conference, the FCFF’s Kevin Keeney was notified that Main Event fighter, Alex Aguilar, would be out of Rumble 96. Aguilar pulled himself from Rumble at the Roseland 96 due to an injury.

With Rumble at the Roseland 96 less than 2 weeks away, the pressure is on the FCFF to pick an opponent for Johnny James. According to Kevin Keeney, they have been working around the clock to find an opponent. Let’s hope the FCFF can find someone that can step up to the power house, Johnny James.

Sundays Press conference brought in some great fighters and newcomers to the Portland organization. Amateur veterans Sean Kalinoski, Johnny James, and DJ Nuttall showed great class towards everyone. FCFF newcomers (or recent newcomers) included Charlie Gilpin, Patty Elliot, and Tyrell Pless.

You can view Sundays press conference in its entirety: