Meet purple belt Chad McKinney, one half of the 503 West Coast Academy/Brazilian Top Team Happy Valley Tag Team!

Above: Meet Tyree Fortune, Bellator fighter, Gracie Barra blue belt and one half of the TAG TEAM, PITT GRIT! Fortune discusses what PITT GRIT brings to #SUG7.

Below: The other half of TAG TEAM PITT GRIT, teenage stud wrestler and Gracie Barra Portland athlete Sage Brown! Brown pairs up with Tyree Fortune to face TEAM MATA LEAO.

Wait…WAIT…What did he say??!! Professional fighter and Brazilian black belt Gustavo Bessa of TAG TEAM 503 WEST COAST ACADEMY had some fighting words for their opponents, TEAM DESERT DOGS ahead of their match.

Professional MMA fighter Bryan Nuro returns to the cage at the Roseland Theater, this time for a Tag Team Jiu Jitsu match in #SUG7! Nuro talks with Warren about the difference between MMA and Jiu Jitsu training especially with TAG TEAM IMPACT JIU JITSU partner Lee Flores!

It’s all about the strategy…Thomas Patrick of TAG TEAM @gbportland discusses his gym and team prepping for #SUG7!