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Rumble at the Roseland 91 Recap


What a night for MMA fans here in Portland! The FCFF definitely put on a great show with 8 full fights and a stacked card.  Last nights fights included 3 Championship Fights and a Superfight.  Almost every fight was in the running for Fight of the Night.  The Fighters really put on a great show for all their friends and family in attendance.



First fight of the evening was between Zack Cox and Hakon Metzger.   You could feel it in the air, both these fighters were ready to brawl tonight.  Once the bell rang, both fighters came out swinging.  For a moment, Zack looked to be in trouble as he fell to the ground after a big swing from Hakon.  Once Zack got back to his feet, Hakon took him back down to the floor soon there after.  That’s where the momentum seemed to change.  It didn’t take long for Zack to show off his Jiu-Jitsu and got Hakon right where he wanted him.  Zack ended up pulling off a quick arm bar to secure the win.


Steven Chang Vs Dylan Grell was a very close match.  In the first round Steven landed some huge shots knocking Dylan to the ground.  It looked as if Steven would almost get the KO but Dylan kept getting back up and charging forward.  The second round was just as fierce.  Both fighters were very active, but when Steven tried for a head kick, Dylan caught his foot and Steven fell to the floor. Dylan immediately jumped onto him and hit Steven with some hard body Shots.  Steven was able to get back up to his feet and continue his attack.  In the final round Dylan took Steven down to the floor.  After a few moments Dylan was close to submitting Steven.  Steven was able to hold out til the end of the round.  Dylan ended up winning 29-28 by unanimous decision.



Fight Three of the night was Austin Stevens Vs Zach Martin.  Austin was able to dominate the whole round from on top.  Austin tried to secure a leg lockon Zack but was unsuccessful.  In the second round Zack was able to land a couple big kicks.  He almost brought Austin down with a couple knees ,but Austin was able to get the take down and keep the top postion.  Round 3 Austin was able to take down Zach once again and keep top postion.  Austin tried a submission from the bottom but was once again unsuccessful.  Austin ended up getting the decision win over Zach.  All 3 Judges scored it 29-28.


The 1st Championship Fight of the evening between Yan Kuvaldin and Chris Logan was for the 145lb Title.  Both fighters were ready to brawl and never stopped the entire first round.  Yan tried all he could to get the submission, but couldn’t secure it.  In the third round, Yan got rocked for a second from a big hit by Chris.  Chris ended the round by punishing Yan with some good ground and pound.  The fourth Round, Yan pressed for the finish.  He quickly dragged Chris to the ground and got the win by tap out.



The fifth Fight took place between Tunde Arigbon Vs Ryan Cook.  Tunde Went right to work with some big hits on Ryan.  Ryan was getting hit with a lot of knees by Tunde, and there was some question about a low knee.  But Ryan didn’t appear to the phased at all by it.  Ryan was close to a submission, but got stopped by the bell at the end of the round.  The 2nd round, Tunde punished Ryan with more punches and a hard knee that appeared to strike Ryan’s head.  Tunde let him up and Ryan appeared very tired and had a hard time standing.  At the end of the round, Ryan tried for a submission but was too physically drained to secure it.  Round 3 was all Tunde.  Ryan was having a hard time standing while Tunde picked him apart for the entire round.  Tunde Ended up winning the unanimous decision 30-27, 30-26, 29-28.


Fight 6 was the 2nd Championship fight between Abdul Kamara Vs Trevor Simpson for the 135lb Title.  Abdul quickly got Trevor into a guillotine choke.  He was able to hold it the entire round but couldn’t get Trevor to tap.  Round 2 was back and forth with good strikes and fast movement by both fighters.  Round 3, Abdul was able to get Trevor into a guillotine choke, but once again couldn’t quite finish it.  Starting the Championship Rounds, Trevor was definitely taking advantage of the foot stomps while keeping Abdul up against the cage.  Trevor tried for a submission at the end of the round, but got cut short by the bell.  In the 5th round Abdul was finally able to complete the submission to give him the win.


The Co-Main Event Super Fight was between Angel Espino Vs DJ Nuttall.  The 1st round was very close.  Both fighters showed high energy and wanted the knockout win.  In the 2nd round DJ took down Angel and got some good shots in.  As Angel was standing up, DJ threw some knees and one landed in the groin of Angel.  The rest of the round both fighters threw some big punches!  Between rounds 2 and 3, the Dr. have to give some extra time to clean up DJ from a cut right above the eye.  In the 3rd round, DJ kicked Angel once again in the groin.  After the fight resumed, DJ tried everything he could to finish the fight.  DJ almost got a submission at the end of the round.  Angel was able to slip out right as the round ended.  Angel ended up getting a 29-28 split decision win over DJ.



The Main Event Championship Fight of the evening was between Michael Collazo Vs Eric McConico.  Both fighters wasted no time Fighting for the 185lb Title.  At about the first minute of the round, Michael had a big take down.  But Eric was able to get right back up to his feet.  Soon after, Michael pushed Eric into the cage.  Eric was able to get Michael into a Guillotine choke, with Michael tapping soon after.

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