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Why Anderson Silva (and possibly the UFC) Needs this win

It’s been 4 years since Anderson “The Spider” Silva has had a win in the octagon. A brutal knee finished Stephan Bonnar on October 13, 2012.  That was the last win after losing his title to Chris Weidman.   Silva said he would like a rematch with Bisping after the controversial loss at UFC Fight Night 84.  Anderson Silva is undoubtedly one of the best fighters the world has ever seen.  Tomorrow, Anderson Silva Fights Derek Brunson at UFC 208 in the co-main event.  Silva Absolutly needs this win over Brunson to get a shot again at Bisping and possibly becoming a UFC Champion, once again.

Currently the UFC is running low on huge draw fighters.  We may never see Ronda Rousey again after her devastating loss to Amanda Nunes.  Conor McGregor is hanging up his gloves for now with a child on the way.  And even Conor said, his next fight will only be with Floyd Mayweather.  And Jon Jones won’t get released from his suspension til July.  So, who does the UFC have to carry their name?  Dana White said “getting a Diaz fight is nearly impossible right now.” Why? There’s not a name big enough to sell a main event Diaz match.

If Anderson Silva can get a win over Derek Brunson tomorrow, that can mean a potential cash crop for the UFC and a chance for Anderson Silva to return to his legacy.  Nick Diaz has just been released from his suspension, but only wants “Money Fights.”  If Anderson gets his win over Brunson, Nick could possibly see his money fight with a Diaz – Silva II rematch. Which in turn could put him into Title contention against Michael Bisping.  The UFC needs someone.  Lets hope that its Anderson Silva.

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