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Submission Underground 3




Main Card:

Dillon Danis Vs AJ Agazarm – Dillon Danis gets the win in Sudden Victory

Antonio Carlos Junior Vs Garry Tonon – Antonio Carlos Junior by Flying Triangle Choke; 2:27 mark

Jeff Glover Vs Chad Mendes – Chad Mendes by fastest submission; Sudden Victory

Gordon Ryan Vs Joe Baize – Gorden Ryan by Arm bar; 6:04 mark


Phil Dunlap Vs Morgan Mainz – Morgan Mainz by Verbal Submission; 1:38 mark

Aaron Martin Vs Mike Dewitt – Mike Dewitt by Achilles Ankle Lock

Tyrone Angolia Vs Bryan Nuro ( Gi ) – Bryan Nuro by Collar Choke; Sudden Victory

Tom Burns Vs Abel Briceno – Tom Burns by Arm bar; 28 seconds 

Justin Mark Vs Austin Springer – Austin Springer; sudden victory

Roma Pawelek Vs Hannah Sharp – Hannah Sharp by knee bar; 1:48 mark

Micah Brakefield Vs Lee Flores – Micah Breakfield by Triangle; 36 seconds 

Brian Van Ornum Vs Billy Yi ( Gi ) – Billy Yi by Triangle; 1:11 mark

Dan Walsh Vs Taylor Ron Murders – Dan Walsh by Rear Naked Choke; 2:35 mark

Logan Skinner Vs Brian Travis – Logan Skinner toe hold; 2:41 Mark

Zach Force Vs Andrew Sidelinger ( Gi ) – Andrew Sidlinger; Arm bar at the 2:51 mark

Derrick Flaig Vs Niko Hughes – Niko Hughes takes the win in sudden victory 

Joey Elsmore Vs Kyle Stafford – Kyle Stafford by triangle choke; 4:50 mark

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